12 Great Crowdfunding Options for Nonprofits [infographic]

For nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs crowdfunding has become the next frontier of fundraising efforts. There are a plethora of crowdfunding sites now, all of which basically allow your nonprofit to set up online fundraising campaigns and accept money through the web. Some of the sites also allow supporters to set up pages on behalf of charities they want to support. With annual crowdfunding donations growing from millions of dollars to billions of dollars, the time is ripe for your organization to explore this powerful new platform.

To help nonprofits navigate the sea of crowdfunding sites, Kemyst developed the infographic below. Kemyst uses visual representation to build understanding of complex systems or abstract concepts. By translating knowledge and experiences into graphic form, our partners can better understand, share, and discuss the connections between opportunities and outcomes.

Kemyst is a research and design consultancy in Indianapolis. To learn about our services, click here.

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  1. Matt McIntyre November 19, 2012 at 5:02 pm # Reply

    Thanks for the great summary of these crowdfunding initiatives! I’ve heard about may organizations having success with several of them. Another crowdfunding subset worth researching and evaluating is “event-based crowdfunding”. For example, our nonprofit, Brackets For Good (http://www.bracketsforgood.org), based in Indianapolis, IN specializes in hosting an annual crowdfunding event, which is unique to any of these listed. I would be happy to provide additional information if requested at any point in-time, and thanks again for the information.


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